REVENT Q HD – Atomic


It’s not fun to ski if you don’t see what’s in front of you! To counteract the dim light, the Atomic Revent QHD is equipped with the exceptional combination of our high-definition lens technology, which uses crystals in the lens to create exceptional contrast, and the Fusion Double Lens (FDL), a revolutionary system of double lens in which these are connected by lamination, which results in the total absence of reflections. It is the visibility that makes the difference, together with the 8-fold greater resistance to fogging compared to the current standards in circulation. The wide frame with Live Fit technology adapts immediately to the shape of the face, ensuring a comfortable fit, while the “Q” stands for Quick Click Lens, our system that allows you to replace the lenses in seconds when the weather conditions change . We have also added an extra HD lens that ensures greater visibility in less than optimal conditions. Furthermore, like all our masks, this model was designed and developed internally in Atomic.

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